About Us

We are Singaporeans who have a knack for unique things from vintage to handmade and novelty items. We seek to inspire and be inspired by sharing the simple joys of life, and in our case, by featuring products that would inevitably put a smile on your face. It could be something that brings you some nostalgic memories or even one that quirks up a joke. We want them all!

Swissarmyfries has three areas we feature:

Our vintage items are mainly focused on original Polaroid cameras, which has a long reputation itself and we all, know that Polaroid has ceased productions since 2008, we are here to help you relive those days without digital help. The inventions of Polaroid cameras are a genius if you get to know them better!

We are believers and crafters. We support the art of handmade and talents of people who love craftsmanship. We feature products made by us and look forward to bringing you products that are made from all around the world.

This is the area where you find products that just gets you to smile because you'd find something that speaks to you. You know it's unique, you know it has it's quirks, you know you wouldn't mind adding it to your drawer of knick knacks.

Est 2008