• Image of Polaroid 600 JobPro Edition

Another unique find, this Polaroid 600 JobPro edition was made in UK, 1992. First version of the JobPro "Construction" edition cameras.

This camera is in excellent working condition.

Flash: Automatic built in flash
Shutter: Automatic, electronic shutter w speed between 1/4-1/200 sec.
Lens: 116mm, f/11, Single-element plastic
Focus Range: Fixed-focus w close up adaptor that slides across lens (minimum focus 2 feet)
Light Management System (the darken/lighten exposure correction slider)
Weight: 1 lb 5 oz
Dimension: 3.5"x 4.5" x 6"inches (when folded)

1x Camera
1x Printed Manual
1x Short list of information (including where to purchase films locally)
1x Cardboard box for storage