• Image of Polaroid 600 Pink & Grey Cool Cam

This pink & grey cool cam, made in USA, 1988, is fast becoming another rare find. Similar to the red & black cool cam, this has it's signature signed in pink on it's body.

This camera is in excellent working condition and also includes a matching Pink & Grey Cool Cam bag.

Flash: Automatic built in flash
Shutter: Automatic, electronic shutter w speed between 1/4-1/200 sec.
Lens: 116mm, f/11, Single-element plastic
Focus Range: Fixed focus, stand at least 4 feet from subject.
Light Management System (the darken/lighten exposure correction slider)
Weight: 1 lb 5 oz
Dimension: 3.5"x 4.5" x 6"inches (when folded)

1x Camera
1x Printed Manual
1x Short list of information (including where to purchase films locally)
1x Cardboard box for storage